Ellerslie Chiropractic is a local business that specialises in holistic, gentle chiropractic care.

In April 2019, Dr Shelley Smith decided to open a new clinic from home, having worked in another location for 5 years.

Looking for the best way to boost her start-up business, we began discussions with Shelley about how to improve her results online.

Now she had an clinic space of her own to work with, Ellerslie Chiropractic needed a website to reflect it’s brand values and tell more people in their area about the new opening.

The new website, which portrays Shelley’s unique charm and the quirky clinic’s appeal, was launched in the following May 2019, and she started noticing the benefits straight away.

“ The effect of having a new website was immediate. In the first month after launch, online bookings started to come in. ”

— Shelley Smith, Owner, Ellerslie Chiropractic

Now the site’s live, we’re developing Ellerslie Chiropractic’s online presence across Google and increasing their search visibility, to attract more of their best customers and continue to grow their business.

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Ellerslie Chiropractic website.

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