Jenny and Bill started Massage Me Day Spa in October 2013 as a way to enjoy themselves working together, in what is now becoming one of Auckland’s highly rated and popular Massage and Day Spa venues.

We first started working with the company in late 2018. They wanted some assistance with their digital marketing campaigns that had been running for a while, but wasn’t returning many results.

After talking with Bill & Jenny, finding out more about their business, and conducting a short audit of their website, we saw a big opportunity to make some optimizations.

From our findings we then presented the couple with a plan of action that would see Netfox take over the marketing campaign management, and rework their website improving organic visibility via SEO.

With Massage Me Day Spa operating on a strict marketing budget, over time we were able to work together to increase traffic to the website from organic search results and remove the need to spend extra money on Google Ads entirely.

After making changes to their website, as well as working with them to improve their Google Business listings by focusing on generating valuable reviews from clients, Massage Me Day Spa saw a dramatic increase in online bookings.

Coming into 2019, their website was receiving on average 134 online bookings per month from organic search

Up to November 2019, this figure has increased to an average of 191 online bookings per month - an increase of 143 per cent.

With a large majority of new bookings visiting the spa multiple times, the potential lifetime value of each booking has meant that Massage Me Day Spa has not only managed to reduce their overall marketing spend, but enjoy a solid return on their marketing investment.

“ I can’t thank Netfox enough for the work that they have put in to our business. They have helped us so much with climbing up the search engine naturally, and we have regular meetings to ensure they are meeting our needs. I wouldn't go anywhere else now! ”

— Bill Smith, Co-Founder, Massage Me Day Spa
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