Now a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, having a strong social media presence gives your business the chance to build, engage, and interact with audiences on a number of different platforms.

The clue’s in the name - social media shouldn’t be used for repetitive messages aimed at driving sales, but for engaging with your audience and delivering content they’re interested in seeing.

Social media auditing and setup

We’ll assess your current social media presence, look at your competitors, and advise you on the best social media networks to reach your ideal audience.

If new accounts need to be created, we’ll get this done in a way that’s consistent with the ethos, tone of voice, and brand guidelines of your business.

Social media strategy and management

Once we’ve decided which platforms are best, we’ll create a social strategy suited to your business goals and in line with your core values.

If you don’t have the capacity to manage this in-house, we’ll take the reins and produce relevant, interesting content that keeps people coming back.

If we think your company could benefit from an extra push, we might advise integrating paid social media advertising into your social campaign.

Creating paid campaigns on social can be a fantastic way of increasing brand awareness and interacting with your customers and supercharging your existing social media work.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Netfox can help you create engaging content that taps into the right audiences.

From improving sales or signups, extending the reach of content, or remarketing to website visitors - we’ll find the right tactics to get you the best return from your investment.