Okay, so you want to spend some money on ads. But where to begin? It can be confusing as a consumer to know which ads are more appropriate for your target goals. On top of that, each ads platform offers different functionality and ad customization options. All of the choices can do your head in. How are you supposed to know how to get the best return for your dollar?

Let me try and explain the key differences and benefits within these two ad platforms.

Facebook Ads

First I’d like to talk a little bit about Facebook ads. Facebook ads offer a unique way to entice potential customers into purchasing what you have to offer.

Ads run on the Facebook ads platform are shown to users all over the Facebook network. This includes Facebook, Facebook mobile, Messenger, and Instagram among others. They rely on striking visuals and making an impressionable impact on users to stop them from just scrolling past. You need to think about what visuals would entice your target audience and make the most of your limited use of space.

You can take advantage of features such as ‘Custom Audiences’ and location-based targeting to maximise your potential return on ad spend.

Facebook ads excel in pushing users towards impulse purchases and/or enticing users visually. In conclusion, use Facebook ads when you have a strong visual product to push.

Google ads offer a different set of tools. They have the ability to push your website right to the top of Google for any search you want. You target search terms and bid on the top spot against competitors. Paying for every click you receive.

The benefit of this is that you can target potential customers as they shop around. Someone who is already searching for a builder in there area is a lot more likely to convert than someone who is just browsing Facebook. Google ads offer a very strong way of getting in front of customers who are already looking and are ready to make a purchase.

In conclusion, Google ads are great for getting in front of hungry, potential customers.


Overall I would generally recommend a balance of both ads platforms is a strong way to go when building an ads campaign. The biggest key to marketing success is to closely monitor your campaigns and be ready to change something that’s not working or capitalize on something that is.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads offer unique advantages over each other that can complement each other nicely in a larger marketing campaign.

But if you are working with a limited budget then I would recommend you evaluate your product and consider which platform would work best in your situation. Is your product expensive? When are consumers most likely to make a purchase? Does it have a lot of visual appeals? All of these are questions you should be asking yourself when you’re starting a marketing campaign.

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