Attracting the attention of the perfect customer can be a difficult task.

There are so many people out there, how do you narrow down your target audience to the point where you’re effectively bringing in the right people?

This is a problem as old as business itself. People are always trying to find new and exciting ways of interacting with the right people.

Some opt to just throw out a big net and hope to catch what they’re looking for.

Others use targeted marketing to only show their ads to relevant people in hope to get more return on their investment.

There is no blanket answer. Either of these approaches can bring in some results.

But the best approach that we’ve found is a combination of many different tactics. Targeted marketing can be great for getting the message across to the right people. Although in doing so you cut out a large chunk of potential clientele outside of your specific targeting filters. Theses are clients that bring in new and fresh business rather than people you are used to dealing with.

But casting your net too wide without any focus can result in devastatingly poor results. The truth is not everyone is interested in your product. And without any ads targeting the chances of the people seeing your marketing and wanting to convert is low.

That’s why a balance of running both targeted and broad marketing is best.

The targeted ads bring in a stream of reliable business. These are people who fit your exact target market and bring the kind of business you are used to seeing.

While the less targeted ads strum up interest in your business from people who might normally be dismissal. The conversions you get from here will be less reliable but will bring in new revenues of business that you otherwise might not have found.

Expanding on and tweaking your target audience is a strong approach to marketing that will help you get a reliable and sustainable return on investment.

At Netfox we strive to build long-lasting, powerful ad campaigns that get the results you’re looking for.

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