A funnel campaign can be a very useful tool for improving your overall paid ads conversion rate. Funnel campaigns work in stages.

First, you will have ads that are targeted to the majority. These ads will be introducing a lot of people to your business for the first time. They focus on making a lasting impact and building a recognizable brand image. These ads will prioritize being seen over generating clicks. The more people that see these ads. The more recognizable your business becomes.

The second stage will focus on people that have prior experience interacting with your business. That can either be via social media or your own website. Someone who recognises your brand will be more likely to turn into a conversion. These people we target with advertising that prioritises getting people to interact with your business. They will focus on getting people who know of you to convert into customers.

The final stage of the funnel focuses on repeat customers. Once a user has converted into your customer. You don’t just want to let them forget about you. You target repeat clients with special advertising to help encourage people to keep interacting with your business. By targeting these people with specialised campaigns, you can build strong brand recognition with these people that keep you first in mind whenever they are looking for a purchase.

Funnel campaigns are a great way to improve the overall success of your ad spend. Each stage of the funnel focuses on a specific task and completing each objective leads the user to the next stage of the funnel. By the end, you will have built a strong relationship with your customer and they will be recommending you to all of their friends.

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