Why should a small business owner worry about a website if he’s already making enough money to get by?

A website is the most powerful selling tool your business can have. It can help generate leads year-round, with no break. But only if it’s built right.

A badly designed or slow website can do more damage to a company than good. A website is a company’s online persona, and most of the time it’s the first thing someone sees when they find your company. A poorly designed and inconsistent website that doesn’t represent your brand can lose you sales. If someone is on your website, they should feel confident that they have found the solution to their problem.

The difference a good website makes.

A well-built website clearly defines user goals, so that the user never feels lost when navigating your website and searching for information. I can’t count the amount of time’s I’ve seen a website fleshed out simply for the reason of trying to make the site feel bigger. This is counter-intuitive. It leads users away from the end goal and drives away conversions. Your website should be clear and concise in the information it relays and the goals a user can take.

By analysing user data and reworking site content, we can create a well oiled, lead-generating machine. That helps your business make money and succeed in the digital landscape. Clearly defined goals and actions generate conversions, not pretty pictures and fluff.

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